Sourcing Taiwan 2017

Sourcing Taiwan 2017-Service Industry Buyers Visiting Taiwan


We at the Taiwan Trade Center, Vancouver (TTCV), Taiwan’s official trade office in Vancouver, would like to cordially invite you to attend Sourcing Taiwan 2017-Service Industry to be held on March 29th in Taipei, Taiwan. This event promises to bring countless opportunities for buyers like you to source and do business with Taiwanese suppliers.

1. Purpose
In order to help Taiwanese service industry companies tap into different overseas markets, an ongoing program designed to improve understanding of the Taiwanese service industry and to encourage overseas service industry buyers to do business with Taiwan.

2. Eligibility and Incentives
(1) Eligible applicants (one person per company per year)
 Medical services
 Health Industry
 Craft Product
 Animation Industry
 Licensing
 Printing
 Franchising
(2) Incentives
 A company with annual sales of USD 1 million or more, or an organization with 100 members or more.
– 4 days/3 nights hotel accommodation farm March 28-31 (including airport transfers) or subsidy for health service including health checks and medical cosmetology (maximum of NTD15,000)
 A company with annual sales of USD 3 million or more, or an organization with 200 members or more.
– Subsidy for one roundtrip economy class air ticket
– 4 days/3 nights hotel accommodation farm March 28-31 (including airport transfers) or subsidy for health service including health checks and medical cosmetology (maximum of NTD15,000)

2017 Service industry buyer recruitment categories

1. Medical services
A “medical service buyer” is a person or company with the experience of referring patients for overseas medical care, such as a health management company, a surgeon, a health check-up center, an insurance company, or a referral platform.

2. Health Industry
A “health industry buyer” is a person or company with procurement needs in hospital management, hospital information technology, medical staff training, biotechnology, health care management, health care related hardware and software.

3. Craft Products
Purchase items:
Fine arts and handcrafts (ceramics, stone -carving, wood-carving, metal working, glass and textiles)
Potential buyers:
Department stores, Hotel chains, Construction companies, Hyper market , Restaurant chains

4. Animation Industry
Purchase items:
Animation series; movies; new media animation, animation effects and VFX outsourcing
Potential buyers:
TV channels; online platform, Animation production companies

5. Licensing
Purchase Item:
Taiwan Original Designed Character
Potential Buyer:
Manufacturers and agents who would like to implement Taiwan-designed character on products.
Detail as :Apparel and Footwear, Accessories-Fashion, Toys, Stationery, Home Décor and Housewares, Gifts, Publish, Promotions activities.

6. Printing
Purchase items:
3D lenticular printing, laser printing, screen printing, pad printing, web to print, security printing.
Potential buyers:
pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics industry, agriculture, food and beverage manufacturers, banks, and government organizations.

7. Franchising
(1) A potential buyer in the franchise industry is a “franchise-seeker” who is looking to become a “franchisee”. Our first priority in recruiting buyers for “Sourcing Taiwan 2016” would be a buyer or operator who is looking for a Taiwanese franchise and has a strong interest to obtain the rights to use
the Taiwanese franchisor’s trademark, equipment and raw material supplies or has the intention to work with a Taiwanese franchise to build up international franchise chains. As of 2015, there were about 2,600 franchises based in Taiwan. Among them, 140 have expanded to overseas markets.
(2) Some Taiwanese souvenir franchises may prefer online channels such as Taobao and eBay, or physical store channels such as Korea’s Hyndai department store and Macy’s in the US.

For more information, or to register, please contact us directly. Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing from you.

Please print out the PDF application form, fill information, then fax or email to Taiwan Trade Center, Vancouver

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Tel: +1-604-681-2787
1730-650 W.Georgia Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 4N8

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