TCCBC PR Group Visit Dr. Kevin Sheu

Date:February 9, 2017

TCCBC PR Group Esther, Kevin, Eric, and Charles visit a famous family doctor – Dr. Kevin Sheu in Burnaby.

Canada in addition to a stunning landscape and rich humanities, can not mention is the other residents of the amazing and envious of the medical security, and in Canada’s unique medical system is a group of their own medical service providers, Whether it is to defend the first line of defense of the family physician until the professional field of professionalists are trying to stick to their posts, for the health of Canadian residents escort. Today, the Taiwan Chamber of Commerce has the opportunity to visit the same from Taiwan and also has three medical license of Dr. Kevin Sheu.

During the visit, Dr. Sheu shared his experience with us, he was also an international student from Taiwan, from an early age to seek medical treatment, study the process of unremitting efforts he has been exploring their own advantages, unwilling to become a Canadian physician , He also went to Taiwan and the United States as a medical researcher at the stage of accumulated experience, not only a large number of rapid and accumulated medical experience, but also admitted to Taiwan and the United States physician license, for future study and research pave the way. As a result of the special physician, he and we share the medical characteristics of Taiwan, the United States and Canada, whether it is public and private mixed in Taiwan, focusing on the private United States or the public monopoly of the Canadian medical system are different, it can not be the winner The physician also mentions to focus on which health care system is better than in the existing system to maximize the benefits of the patient.

Of course, Canada’s health care system has her advantages, but it also hides a great deal of risk, especially after a baby boom, many medical practitioners will be retired from the post, but the country due to inadequate training institutions, coupled with geographical particularity Uneven distribution of medical practitioners may lead to shortages of short-term medical staff. But fortunately the country has long been active funding for medical staff, I hope this wave of baby boom can be smooth through the generation.

Dr. Sheu also shared a small story of the patient, not only we admire him more. One of the referral patient, had consulted other medical practitioners before his treatment, and his performance was only a simple fatigue. Fortunately, his friends care about his body, and actively introduce him to Dr. Sheu. Dr. Sheu has solid foundation and the spirit of trouble, and actively help patients to check and referral specialist, if not the patient suffering from leukemia, not only Lucky to be diagnosed, but also found in their loved ones transplant donor, immediate treatment to restore health, Dr. Sheu told us not only physicians need to have a solid skill, the patient should also actively seek the second or even the third opinion.

Contact Dr. Kevin Sheu:
Address: 146-6200 Mckay Avenue, Burnaby, BC
Tel: (604) 254-1600

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