TCCBC PR Group Visit La Cuisson Cafe

Date:January 9, 2017

TCCBC PR Group Eric, Jeffrey and Angie visit La Cussion Cafe at 165-13988 Maycrest Way, Richmond.

With hundreds of coffee joints in Vancouver, how does La Cuisson Café stand out? Why not go to places like Starbucks, Blenz, Artigiano and Tim Hortons? Well, if you are looking for a convenient cup of coffee, sure, go to one of those places as they are everywhere. But if you are looking for a unique boutique coffee shop, a place that is both relaxing and sensuous, a place that offers you a well-balanced cup of coffee, then stop by at La Cuisson Café in Kerrisdale Vancouver or No. 6 Road in Richmond.

La Cuisson, literally means “The cooking” in French, is the name that the founder and owner, Jason Hsu, has given to this unique coffee boutique. According to Jason, it’s all about the making of coffee, food, and dessert that goes well with coffee. In other words, everything is handmade at the Richmond workshop – be it coffee, salad, sandwich, cheesecake, or macaroon. As for its Chinese name, “老桂松”, not only does the sound resemble its French name, it has an even deeper meaning when we look at it word by word. “老” literally means “old”, as the history of coffee goes at least as far back as the 10th century. “桂” refers to Osmanthus, a type of flower that is well known for its fragrance, and is commonly used to make dessert and tea. Finally, “松” refers to “pine”, and we all know that pine tree is well known for its natural Christmas tree fragrance, and fragrance is one of the essences in coffee – examples of fragrance in coffee are floral, cocoa, herbal, and wood. Furthermore, most types of pine trees have a life span of 100 to 200 years, and some species can live for thousands of years. The longevity of pine tree symbolizes the strength and growth of La Cuisson Café.
When it comes to the making of coffee, there is really no right or wrong, and it all comes down to your personal taste and preference. La Cuisson strives for perfection, and believes in 3 elements in order to achieve perfection: 1. Superior green coffee beans 2. Precise roasting 3. Skilled brewing technique.
If you are a coffee maniac, La Cuisson Café is the ultimate place to go. Not only do they offer sophisticated coffee, superior coffee beans, mouth-watering food and dessert, various coffee making gadgets, they also focus on the importance of education, and hold classes about the art of coffee and coffee making at the Richmond workshop. If you’re just beginning to like coffee, don’t be overwhelmed by the siphon coffee making process that Jason strongly recommends, you can start with their ready-to-serve packets, and immediately enjoy a great cup of coffee!

Contact La Cussion Cafe:
Vancouver Location: 2050 W 41st Ave, Vancouver, BC
Richmond Location: 165-13988 Maycrest Way, Richmond, BC
Tel: (604)279-2599 (604) 558-2589

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